This history and timeline of major events attempts to lay out the most important points in the history of Jarneyna, but is not complete in any form. Some of the events are taken as myth or legends by most of the Ironlanders and their accuracy may vary.


All dates are in relation to the first landing of mankind on Jarneyna (FL), using negative numbers for events before.

Dawn of the Worlds

Year Events
Prehistory Creation of the Nine Realms: The world as humankind would know it is created. This follows the creation myth of Norse Mythology
ca. -1000 FL War in Heaven: The Æsir–Vanir War (alt: YouTube) begins, that would occupy the gods for many years. Gullveig gets burnt at the stake three times before being released.
Creation of Jarneyna: In order to hide from the gods and to live in peace, Gullveig travels to Midgard. She settles down in the ocean and creates a landmass later known as Jarneyna. Creates the Firstborn to tend to the land and then goes to rest.
ca. -800 FL Lokis Imprisonment: With the war ended and peace seemingly restored, Loki is imprisoned for his believed role in bringing in the war and his various trickeries and deeds (such as the death of Baldur). Upon his capture he curses all the nine realms and creates the Iron Corruption.

Age of Discovery

Year Events
ca. -50 FL The Plague: A mysterious illness befalls most of Midgard and humankind faces extinction.
-1 FL Last Hope: A small group of survivors sets out to sea to find a place untouched by the plague to start anew
0 FL First Landing: After a terrible year on the seas, the group finds an unknown island and calls it Jarneyna for it provides ample resources, most of all Iron.

Age of Blood

Year Events
12 FL A new generation: Zhan is born.
35 FL Blood Wars begin: In an attempt to unite the Ironlanders and to bring peace, Zhan wages war against anyone opposing that dream.
57 FL Death of a Tyrant: The war ended when Zhan was assassinated and his army defeated. His body, together with his most loyal lieutenants, is entombed in a secret location.

Age of Mist

Year Events
60 FL Spreading of Mist: A mysterious Mist begins to appear all over Jarneyna corrupting and changing everything. It is no longer safe to go outside during the night
65 FL Dividing People: Due to the Mist, the Ironlanders are beginning to isolate more and more from the other communities. The Enclaves begin to form.
ca. 80 FL Firstborn Intervention: Recognizing the danger of the Mist, the Firstborn begin to devise a plan, errecting Rune Stones to contain the Mist.
160 FL Recession of Mist: After a century, the Mist has been successfully contained, but not fully defeated. The damage to the people and the land had been done and could not easily be repaired.

Second Age

Year Events
ca. 600 FL Humanity recovered: After many generations, the Ironlanders are thrivingon Jarneyna, having seized most of the land and settled on it. But the land is far from peaceful, bandits and raiders are troubling the people more and more.
ca. 650 FL Rise of a Cult: In secret people have been gathering in order to worship a second coming of Zhan as tension begins to grow. The Church of Blood is formed.
725 FL King in the Mountains: Being reliant on trade for food and other resources, the mountain enclaves expand into the plains in order to be more independent. This started conflicts with the people already living there, seeing the mountain dwellers as a threat. In order to coordinate their efforts and to get heard, they crowned a Jarl amongst Jarls.
727 FL Organized Crime: Bandits and raiders started to band together under one unified banner.