Days and Weeks

There are 7 days in a week, each lasting exactly 24 hours. The days of the week are named as follows:

Day Translation Corresponds
Mánadagr Moon’s Day Monday
Týsdagr Tyr’s Day Tuesday
Óðinsdagr (W)Odin’s Day Wednesday
Þórsdagr Thor’s Day Thursday
Frjádagr Frigg’s Day Friday
Laugardagr Washday Saturday
Sunnudagr Sun’s Day Sunday


A month contains 4 of such weeks, thus having 28 days each, and there are 13 months in a year. From the beginning of the year the months are named as follows:


Years are given in reference to the first arrival of mankind on Jarneyna, commonly known as First Landing or abbreviated as FL. The current year is 731 FL, read as Year 731 after first landing.

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The Blooming

Marks the end of the blooming month and start of new life and love. Traditionally celebrated on the eve of the last day of Bloom until dawn of the first day of Midspring. Many relationsships are started and ended on this day, as well it is a popular day to be married.

Belleteyn / Beltane