Devil’s Verge

Devil’s Verge

Key Description
Coordinates F596J45


Key Description
Longitude 109°
Latitude 139°
Altitude 85pc (Outer Rim)


Key Description
Trouble Criminal faction corrupts local authorities

Devil’s Verge is in turmoil. Recent developments attracted interest of foreign powers. Recent power voids have been filled, that are now threatening to overthrow the stability of the sector.

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Star System


Trithia Six

An old derelict gigantic spaceship that has endured several hundred years in space. Its hull is partially scavenged and destroyed from what looks like weapon damage. Part of the ship got destroyed by the explosion of its still functioning fusion reactor.

Although devoid of any lifesigns, a mysterious entity inhabits the ship, appearing as a dark cloud in the form of a giant beast.

🎲 First Appearance: Solo23 - Week 06


A wondrous entity appearing as a cloud of rainbow-colored particles. Appears around the wreckage of an old ship, where only the letters “Lost” are giving a clue about its origin.

🎲 First Appearance: Solo23 - Week 21