Jarneyna - Geography

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Þurrtland / Durrtland

As soon as you leave the coast you are greeted by endless wastes of sand. The wind will toss fine sand against your skin that sting like 1000 needles.

Suðurland / Sudurland

Most of the Ironlander settled in Surdurland. The temperate climate allows for crops to grow. Forests provide wood for construction and nearby freshwater lakes and rivers provide nourishment for people and crops alike.


The complete reverse of Durrtland, this region of Jarneyna is filled with lush forests, lakes and rivers. The wet nature of this region has turned most soil into swamps. When it comes to varieties in beasts on Jarneyna look no further then Blauturland.


In the midst of Jarneyna lies an imposing mountain range. The landscape is mostly forbidding. Ragged mountainsides, steep cliffs and bone-chilling cold are just a few of its features. But the price is precious Iron.

Norðurland / Nordurland

Not as inviting as Sudurland but still quite habitable, Nordurland isn’t as densely settled. Crops don’t grow as plentiful up here but the fish bite plentiful.

Glataðeyna / Glatadeyna

Long ago, just a few boats ventured further into the north and found a small island just a bit outside of the mainland. Boats frequent the mainland, mostly with Nordurland to trade goods.